Göbeklitepe Changes Human History


The scientific claim about human history was this: “12 thousand years ago, human beings did not know how to make shelter, did not domesticate animals, did not start agriculture.

Naturally, it had not been established. He lived a primitive life by hunting. ”

With the discovery of Göbeklitepe, it was understood that this claim was not true.

According to scientists, settled life was initiated as a result of the continuous gathering of hunter and gatherer communities in religious centers such as Göbeklitepe.

People have turned to agriculture because of the desire of crowded communities to be close to the center of worship and the sufficient amount of resources to meet the needs of these communities. In other words, agriculture did not bring settled life; contrary to what is claimed, settled life brought agriculture as a result of the desire to stay around religious shrines.

12 Thousand Years Ago Abstract Intelligence and Aesthetic Pleasure

Before moving to settled life, it was seen that people possess engineering intelligence at the level of development and have an aesthetic taste to process the buildings. When we examine the works they made, it is remarkable that the people of that period have abstract intelligence and advanced aesthetics.

Most importantly, it was understood that people of this period had a belief. People prove that they have built a huge temple center to worship before making pottery or even shelter, and that man is indispensable for them.

It seems that the need to believe has been strong in our fitting since the first person. In every period, people built temples to worship and thank their creators.

We Were Not Primitive Or Archaic 12 Thousand Years Ago

It is no longer possible to call it primitive or archaic for the people who built this temple center, which is still a great structure even today, 12 thousand years ago.

There is an advanced community with great skills and knowledge. There is a social division of labor. A giant organization is required to shape these stone monuments with a weight of 50 tons, a length of 7 meters and a width of 3 meters in the quarry, then take them out and bring them to Göbeklitepe. So there were workers, artists, administrators, and representatives of religion. So, as it is assumed, the ancient man is not a primitive, wild, wild person who deals with hunting and whose mental angels are not well developed. They had a world view, universe imaginations and beliefs. They had knowledge and understood art.

As a result of all these discoveries, the theory that links biological development to evolution once again goes bankrupt.

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