Evolutionist Understanding Crashed in Göbeklitepe

Göbeklitepe, bilinen ilk tapınaktır.
Göbeklitepe, bilinen ilk tapınaktır.

Göbeklitepe has another aspect that hits the theory of evolution.

The diversity of animal figures found in this temple or drawn on the rocks and their resemblance to animals today, that is, they understand that they have not evolved, and also refute the primitive human thesis, also refutes the theory of evolution.

It is not yet explained how the primitive (!) People of stone age have gone far enough in architecture to build temples, cities, and how they learned the art of embroidery, which gave the stones incredibly beautiful patterns even in today’s conditions.

Of course, in order to have this information, they must have lived together collectively and created the social division of labor …

Thus, it is understood that the source of accumulation such as division of labor, structure knowledge, temple culture in the social life of those people, whom we call the stone age people.

All this also shows creation. God created man and taught him that they did not know. In the 31st verse of the Surah Al-Baqara, our Lord says: “(Allah) taught Adam the names of everything, then show them to the angels:‘ Come on! “If you are correct in your opinion, let me know their names.” While Tafsir scholars explained this bet, they stated that the teaching of Allah was the information gained to the person, and Hz. They say that the angels had to bow down to what Adam (as) knew.

Göbeklitepe Turns History of Religions

Göbeklitepe revealed findings requiring rewriting of human history, especially the history of religions, the old theories turned upside down and went to the trash. We can now easily say that the basis of civilization is religion and faith, not agriculture.

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